Should You Choose Divorce

Think of all the effort you put into making the decision to spend the rest of your life with your spouse. If you are at a point where you are facing the choice about whether it's right for you to stay together or not, it's important to weigh your options carefully. Do not make choices when you are emotional or angry. Divorce can cause devastation, emotional pain, and anger for you and your children for years to come.

Effects of divorce on children

Children with divorced parents often exhibit more behavioral, health, and emotional problems and may also be victims of abuse. Children from split homes are more likely to deal with drug abuse and are more apt to commit suicide. If you are considering divorce, remember the effect it can have on your children if they are not prepared for it. Before calling a divorce attorney, parents should first weigh what kind of impact divorce will have on the kids.

Effects on Household Income

Divorce can seriously change the financial situation of a family. Where your kids may have had nice clothing, cell phones, and soccer camps before divorce, with the family split, neither parent may be able to continue to afford those expenses. Each separated family is more likely to move closer into poverty while struggling to pay off old debts from the ended marriage and adding new expenses for housing and other household expenses that used to be shared.

Changes in Religious Worship

While families may have enjoyed religious relationships with other church members within a particular faith, attendance and interaction typically drops off dramatically after a couple divorces. Religious worship has been shown to lead to longer and stronger marriages, better family life, and better health. Divorce can cause sacrifice all these important things for spouses and their children, especially if each spouse has different religious preferences.

Divorce should not be a hasty decision

Many people treat divorce as a simple solution, while it is anything but simple. Some divorces end in bitter fighting and court battles that tear everyone involved apart leaving behind a life of misery for a very long time. Some divorce survivors struggle to try and enter into a new relationship because they feel unworthy or inadequate. The bottom line is, divorce should be well thought out first and hopefully a solution can be found to save the marriage.