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Voter Turnout Three Elections

John A. Rosado

July 11, 2011


Voter Turnout Three Elections



Voter Turnout 1988

Voter Turnout 1996

Voter Turnout 2004

Compare and Contrast



Voter Turnout Three Elections


This paper ” Voter Turnout Three Elections” is about three elections, all are presidential elections, in which we will discuss their outcomes and the  implications of their outcomes. We will discuss what events lead up to each election and how it affected the outcome. We will also discuss how each election lead to the next election. Then we will compare and contrast each election for similarities and differences. We will take a look at interest groups and their effect on voter turnout. Finally, we will discuss the implications for future elections and for voter turnout.

The voter turnout for 1988 was a little lower than 1984 but not significantly. The total vote was 91,602,291, only a million less than 1984, however it is 13 million voters lower than four years later. The number of voters that voted was 50% of the voting eligible population. The economy was in the mist of the longest continues growth period, that the Unites States had ever known. Perestroika was in full swing. The Soviet Union was crumbling. The Berlin wall was about to come down, life was good, so why change it. George H.W. Bush inherited the presidency from Ronald Reagan. It was an easy win for Bush, because he promised no new taxes with his now famous “Read My lips, No New Taxes” line. Michael Dukakis did not mount any real opposition to Bush, therefore was a non candidate. There were no unusual demographics that played any significant role in the election. American voters voted prospectively with their pocketbooks, things were good let’s keep them that way.

Perhaps we should look at the events that lead up to the election of Ronald Reagan in order to get a better perspective on election of Bush 41. Ronald Reagan was elected president after a truly disastrous presidency of what many including myself, call the worst president this country has ever known, that is the presidency of Jimmy Carter. Jimmy Carter had taken us from an unemployment rate of (Trading) “7.5%” when he took office to a low of (Trading) “5.6%” back to (Trading) “7.6%” during the presidential elections. An inflation rate of (RI) “5.22%” when he took office to (RI) “14.73%” in April 1980 to (RI) “12.64%” for the election in November. He took us from 6% interest rate in 1977 when he took office to 20% interest rate during the summer of 1980. I purchased a house then and was required to pay 15% interest rate with excellent credit. Jimmy Carter also gave us the “gas tank was empty” speeches. The misery index was high for most Americans. During his campaign Reagan would ask “are you better off now that you were four years ago?” He was elected by an overwhelming majority of both the popular vote and the electoral college.

George H.W. Bush rode the coattails of Ronald Reagan’s massive success as president into the Whitehouse. During late midterm Bush was running with unheard of approval ratings of 90% for his handling of the first Iraq war. Bush made one fatal error, he said no new taxes, then he raised taxes, and the economy went south just about election time. William J. Clinton never let up on both the economy and the no new taxes pledge then defeated Bush along with a little help from H, Ross Perot who received 19% of the total popular vote. American voters again voted their pocket book, not necessarily the safety of the country.

The voter turnout for 1996 election was 96,456,345 which was significantly lower than the 1992 election of 104,405,155, as well as significantly lower than the 2000 elections of 107,390,107 voters casting ballots. The economy had recovered from the cyclic downturn of 1992. The republicans had retaken both the house and the senate. Bill Clinton had abandoned his Hillary care efforts; government run healthcare was no more than a pipe dream for the next 12 years. Bill Clinton had moved to the right in his leadership style. The Oslo accords were moving ahead. At long last after 3,000 years there was going to be peace in the Mideast. There was no real challenge to his presidency from the republicans. Paula Jones and Monika Lewinski had not become an issue as far as the public was concerned. There was no-need to vote, he was going to be reelected and life was good.

Again American voters again voted with their pocketbooks. The American voter did not want to change anything. There was no need to go to the poles as there was four years before, because the economy was making its normal Kondratyev high cycle at this time. When the economy is low we need to throw the bums out and get new bums to run the place. During his first term Clinton witnessed an attack on American soil at the world trade center bombing, which he treated like as if it were a law enforcement function, not as an enemy attack on American soil.

Then in 1996 our embassy was attacked in Saudi Arabia (Military) “June of 1996 terrorists attacked the U.S. military complex at Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia, killing 19 Americans ”  Again Clinton treated this as a law enforcement issue. No one was ever brought to justice, the perpetrators escaped. In 1992 America voted with the retrospective model, while in 1996 we Americans voted using the prospective model. We as Americans vote based on the status of the economy, not the safety of our country.

The voter turnout for the 2004 election at 123,535,883 was significantly higher than the voter turnout of the 2000 election at 104,405,155 and significantly lower than the 2008 turnout at 132,645,504. The economy was good, unemployment at about 5% which is considered full employment.  Bush had entered the Whitehouse with 4% unemployment, but the tech bubble was just bursting. Bush lowered taxes and the unemployment rate steadily declined to about 4.5%.

We were fighting wars on two fronts, one in Afghanistan and one in Iraq. Both wars could have been avoided if Clinton had treated the first world trade center bombing, the two embassy attacks and the USS Cole attack as enemy attacks against the United states of America,  instead of law enforcement operations, after all Muslim extremist declared war on the United States of America in 1979 when they stormed the American embassy and took 53 Americans hostage for 444 days. John Kerry was mounting a significant fight against George Bush to get to the Whitehouse. He was using his anti war rhetoric to  attempt to get there. His anti war, anti U.S. military speeches got him into the U.S. senate from Massachusetts years before therefore lets use what works. He testified to congress long before his election to the senate that the U.S. Military was no different than Genghis Khan. Genghis Khan had his solders round up the local farmers and villagers, kill them, then throw the bodies into the mote  around the castles, creating  a bridge using the bodies as a ramp to breach the ramparts of the castles, then slaughter all the inhabitants of the castles. When Khans’ troops reach Kiev they killed every man, woman and child in the city. Kerry testified to congress that we in the American military were no different. Kerry really was unfit for command. Yes, to this day I carry a certain amount of animosity for Kerry and his lies about my fellow soldiers. Unfortunately, nowhere in the campaign did Bush call him out as the liar that Kerry was. I find it amazing that with those lies how close he came to the presidency of the United States.

As it turns out, the Iraq invasion was a good logistical move, because Iraq became Al-Qaeda’s last stand. Muslim extremism cannot allow any democracy to take hold in the middle of their empire. By choosing Iraq to make a stand, we are spared again, from having, a war on our own soil. They started war here when Al-Qaida took four airplanes and murdered over 3,000 innocent people on American soil, Bush successfully took the war back to them on their own soil, first in Afghanistan then in Iraq. The American voter recognized this. The angry left was consistently pining that the war was lost and Bush was all wrong for Afghanistan as well as Iraq. The American voter knew that the angry left and the democrats are incapable of keeping America secure. The American voter correctly used retrospective model to keep Bush in the Whitehouse.

The demographics were changing because of the Motor Voter bill signed into law by Clinton in 1994. The Motor Voter bill will be discussed in more detail later. Many states do not require proof of citizenship to get a drivers license. The Motor Voter bill allows anyone with a drivers license to vote. The Motor Voter bill is responsible for many non-citizens, felons, and illegal aliens to vote. These votes generally go to the democrats. In 2004 there were not enough to swing the vote in Kerry’s favor.

There is  a steady increase in voter turnout in the United States since 1960. No records were obtained before 1960 to determine voter turnout. The trend line increases by about 2.5% per year over those 20 years for an additional 35 million voters over the 20 years.. Then 1994 the “Motor Voter” bill is signed into law which many are calling troublesome as I will explain later. From 1996 to 2010 the increase is 3.1% per year or over 36 million in 12 years. If we use 12 years instead of 20 years as before than the increase is even more significant from 1.7% to 3.1% increase per year. This trend in significant and problematic because it can be said that voter fraud may have elected Obama to the white house instead of McCain.

Since 1996 the voter turnout trend line has made a sharp increase for presidential elections. This is probably due to the “Motor Voter” act signed into law by Bill Clinton in 1994. At the same time, the congressional midterm elections, the trend line has shown an insignificant to slight increase. Over the last 60 years congress has made themselves irrelevant, therefore whoever is elected to congress is irrelevant. What is important is a dictatorship in the oval office. The executive branch, makes law, and enforces the law they make in violation of the United States Constitution, with its plethora of alphabet agencies, starting with the EPA.

Lets discuss what the Motor Voter law (Samples) ” In 1994, Congress passed the National Voter Registration Act (popularly known as the “Motor Voter Act”).” What the motor voter act does is allows a person to use their driver’s license as identification and voter registration. (Samples) ” The Act made it harder to verify the identity of voters seeking to register.”  The problem lies in the fact that few states require proof of citizenship before obtaining a drivers license. This law has made it easy for fraud to occur, the Samples report was written in 2001, (Samples) ” Alaska, according to Federal Election Commission, had 502,968 names on its voter rolls in 1998. The census estimates only 437,000 people of voting age were living in the state that year.” In St Louis there are big problems with this law (Samples) “an uncertainty exacerbated by “Motor Voter” – has increased mistrust between the two political parties in Missouri and perhaps elsewhere.” The report further goes on to say (Samples) ” A cursory check of the registration cards turned up questionable names. Shortly thereafter, election board workers spent an entire day calling the names listed on the cards and found that nearly all of them were fraudulent.” What we have here is a law that is used to bolster the votes for the democratic presidential hopefuls. From 2000 to 2010 we have an organization called ACORN that has routinely acted fraudulently obtaining voter registrations from Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck to people voting from the grave. Acorn is currently indicted in 17 states for voter fraud.  Shortly after the 2010 election they ceased to exist by the name ACORN, however they are still around in multiple other names. I am not convinced that there was enough fraudulent voters to swing Obama’s election.

Not only is interest groups involved in voter fraud, so is our own INS which is supposed to be enforcing immigration laws, not breaking them. (Timmerman) ” A flood of new green cards and naturalizations would overwhelm an Immigration and Naturalization Service that is already stretched thin, racked by bureaucratic mismanagement — and that stands accused in a damning new report by its own inspector general of minting new citizens on the direct orders of the Clinton-Gore White House in reckless disregard of the law.” Who benefits from this, both the Motor Voter and the INS?
It is the democrats pure and simple. We have never heard about this on the evening news with any of the mainstream media. (Timmerman) ” The investigation into INS shenanigans began with a May 1996 report in the Washington Times about an INS whistleblower who criticized the acceleration of the naturalization process under Clinton-Gore. The democrats have been the first to cry foul that a person may be disenfranchised and yet they are the first to generate new illegal voters.

Let’s look at the three elections and see how they compare to each other.  All three elections are presidential elections. The economy was good in all three elections. There were no issues of corruption with any of the candidates outside of the normal partisan rhetoric.

In 1988 it was a republican elected with a democrat congress. In 1996 it was a democrat reelected with a republican congress. In 2004 a republican was reelected with a republican congress. For the 1988 election there was no war, or any talk about war on the horizon, the soviet union was crumbling. We were about to experience the end of MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) and worldwide annihilation through nuclear weapons. For the 1996 elections there again was not war, however there were attacks on Americans on American soil as well as at U.S. embassies that were totally ignored. The unwillingness of the administration to view this as an act of war was viewed by the enemy as an act of weakness and lead to the current two wars we are in today, but then this is a topic for another paper.

For the 2004 election the situation was a little different. America was fighting a war on two fronts, Afghanistan which  was a direct result of an attack on American soil, and one in Iraq which was the result bad CIA intelligence about weapons of mass destruction, although 500 tons of yellow cake was found and has been shipped to Canada for use in nuclear electricity generation. When Saddam Hussein was captured in Iraq he was asked why he made the world believe he had weapons of mass destruction. Hussein stated (Bush) “I did it because I was trying to keep Iran from attacking and I never believed America would invade.” He had learned from Carter and especially from Clinton that America was a paper tiger and would easily be push around. There was a lot of talk from the democrats and the mainstream media about the Iraq war being used to complete “daddy’s” first Iraq war. The challenger Kerry stayed on message the entire campaign as the wrong war at the wrong time in the wrong place, Wrong, Wrong, Wrong. A book written and released Unfit For Command did a lot to destroy Kerry’s credibility. Also reports by the new media showing Kerry testifying before congress that the U.S. troops were just like Genghis Khan did a lot to destroy his credibility. One, like me, might say he destroyed his own credibility.

Voter turnout over a 70 year period was interesting when it is dissected and analyzed.  The first two 1988 and 1996 showed lackluster voter participation. The third election 2004 displayed a substantial increase when compared to the trend lines (A blue line)  from 1960 through 1992, however there was no significant increase if you use a trend (C  red) line from 1980 to 1992. The real troubling trend line is (B green) It  shows a substantial increase in voter turnout due to two major items, the Motor Voter act, allowing illegal aliens and felons to vote, INS corruption and ACORN voter registration. ACORN has changed their name to escape all the bad publicity of their internal upper management corruption. (Mooney) “ACORN executives have also changed their organization’s name, which was tarnished by investigations in at least 14 states of allegations of voter registration fraud during the 2008 presidential campaign, and charges by current and former members of financial mismanagement and misrepresentation.”

In this paper “Voter Turnout” we discussed three presidential elections, 1988, 1996, and 2004,  and their implications and how each effected the next one.  We discussed what lead up the 1988 election and the situation as it was at the time of the election. We discussed two wars and what lead up to the wars. Both wars could have been avoided. We discussed voter turnout and voter turnout trends. We even discussed voter fraud, some of
the major issues behind voter fraud in the Unites States. Voter fraud is a major problem today and will not go away easily, especially when the current administration is complicit in its promotion. It was the Eric Holder justice department that refused to prosecute two black panther members for voter intimidation after the 2008 elections. The case was ready to go to trial as a slam dunk conviction when he ordered it stopped and the two released. We discussed INS corruption and where the orders came from that initiated this corruption. We discussed the motor voter act and its implication on voter fraud. Finally we discussed the Association of Community Organizers for Reform Now (ACORN) and how they are affecting and infecting the voting process. Voter  turnout continue to increase, but will it be due to normal American growth or to  voter fraud, only time will tell.

If the United Sates does not get its voting house in order, concerning voter fraud we will end up no different than any other two-bit  dictatorship. We stand the lose the last great hope for mankind. The tea parties have grown from the people wanting to stop the destruction of America. They have been attacked by the mainstream press and by Clinton, Obama, Reid, Pelosi and other as being hate mongers and inciting violence when it is those very people who have used all the violent epitaphs themselves and then refused to prosecute when violence comes from their side. America is at the precipice of losing itself, voter fraud is the tipping point and it is up to “We The People” to stop it, or lose freedom and the world will go into a new dark ages. The choice is ours to make. What will we decide?



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