Current Societal Issues — Concepts Of Ethics And Responsibility

Explain Current Societal Issues Using The Concepts Of Ethics And Responsibility

I find it amazing that we have ushered God out of the schools and the Ten Commandments are removed from all public buildings. We are not allowed to place any religious symbols such as a Chresh on any public property. Therefore, now we must teach a course on ethics for public policy. But then what is ethics? (Cooper) “The attempt to state and evaluate principles by which ethical problems may be solved” This makes it sound like a choice and we can choose to be ethical or not. We can choose to take responsibility for our actions or not. Even congress can choose to take responsibility for their ethical and moral decisions.

Some say that we have the most corrupt government that we have ever had in the history of the United States, right now in Washington D.C. (Pelosi) “Nancy Pelosi pummeled the Republicans over the alleged “culture of corruption” over the lobbyist Abramoff connections to Republican congressmen in 2006”. Then of course is she the poster child for ethics? She did say she would drain the swamp, when she was campaigning for the Speakers job. I think she is the poster child for criminal conduct. She did not drain the swamp, she made it bigger. (Liebau) “Even as the country reels from the seamy details of the Blagojevich scandal, Nancy Pelosi is standing firmly by her man, Charlie Rangel, resisting any effort to remove him from his committee chairmanship — despite credible allegations against him of tax avoidance and other chicanery.” Apparently Nancy Pelosi has determined that ethics is for other people, republicans, you and me, not for herself and her cronies.

This is not just morally and ethically wrong, it would be illegal if our 535 rulers in congress had not exempted themselves from the law and made themselves above the law. Their action is neither ethical or moral. The general public is not allowed to perform insider trading but congress can. (60 minutes) Martha Stewart went to jail for it. Hedge fund honcho Raj Rajaratnam was fined $92 million and will go to jail for years for it. But members of Congress can do the same thing -use non-public information to make stock trades — and there’s no law against it. Ethics or morals are simply not a responsibility of  congress. They have exempted themselves from Obamacare because they know it will provide the common people with more expensive and less responsive healthcare, which they do not want for themselves. They refuse to take the responsibility for their actions.

Perhaps then Metaethics, explaind by (Fieser) “The term “meta” means after or beyond, and, consequently, the notion of metaethics involves a removed…” (p 1) is so far removed from our reality that the feeling in congress is that they have no responsibility to anyone or  anything except themselves, tyranny, that they are gods themselves and responsible to no one, including the electorate. After all it is ethical to buy your vote with my money.




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