Tea Party Bashing by Media

Tea Party Bashing by Media

The Tea party has made some news in the last few years. The tea party has been responsible for changing the course of the 2010 elections. Occupy Wall Street has also been in the news in the last year. Occupy Wall Street has been responsible for destruction (OWS) “Every Friday until May 1st, OWS is practicing various street mobilization tactics and formations in preparation for actions on May Day.” I like the significance of May Day, the Soviet Union’s day of celebration of the great revolution that has transformed Russia (V. Ulyanov Lenin). The tea parties have cost nothing because they cleaned up after themselves. Occupy Wall Street has cost a lot of money to cash strapped cities. (Boudreau) “‘Occupy’ Protests Cost Cities Millions”. The tea parties did not have a single issue of people getting hurt. Occupy Wall Street did not fare so well. (Boudreau) “Iraq War veteran Scott Olsen, 24, lays on the ground bleeding from a head wound after being struck by a by a projectile during an Occupy Wall Street protest in Oakland, Calif.”

The media on the other hand have a different view of life (Pfaff) “Few Americans are willing to acknowledge that Occupy Wall Street and the tea party movement are two manifestations of the same explosive American anger at the American government and the modern corporate system.” The media calls the tea parties racists, (Poupard) “As the 2012 election gets closer, we continue to hear more and more about how the tea party is a racist movement.” Members of the Hollywood elite have joined to race crowd, (Huffingtonpost) “The Oscar-winning actor sat down with the British TV host and, amongst other things, discussed his belief that the right wing Tea Party’s anti-Obama stance is rooted in racism.” The tea party would be very happy to have a black president if he was not out to fundamentally change the country into a socialist state. The tea party is racist because the tea party does not want to have this country destroyed by a president and congress that believes communism/socialism is what we need, regardless of the color of the person.

I can think of only one way to fix this problem, which is to go back to the primary and secondary school system and teach capitalism, which is what built this country in the first place. We must go back the school system and teach what natural rights are. We must teach when people take responsibility for themselves and in their station in life, they will improve the the whole. While humans’ still thought, they must be part of their own cast system and there was a natural human hierarchy, progress was slow and slavery was common. However, with the concept of natural rights things changed at a high speed and grew fast. (Gosepath) “Until the eighteenth century, it was assumed that human beings are unequal by nature — i.e., that there was a natural human hierarchy. This postulate collapsed with the advent of the idea of natural right and its assumption of an equality of natural order among all human beings.” We went through the industrial revolution, with enough food grown to feed the entire world. Starvation went from commonplace to being politically caused as in the Sudan and Darfur today. As long as we take responsibility for our own actions we as a world will continue to grow.

Government’s responsibility to its citizens is in relation to fostering an environment where opportunities can happen, means that government gets out of the way and lets people do what people do best, which is to think and create. The best description of this I have ever heard, written 60 years ago, comes from Ayn Rands Atlas Shrugged part Three character John Galt. John Galt takes over the airways and delivers a wonderful speech on what people are responsible for and what responsibilities government has to its citizens. People are responsible for themselves and they have a brain in which to think. If we had a candidate that would talk like that and mean it, then that candidate would become president.



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