Link to Arizona Republic town hall

Here is a link to the Arizona Town hall website for the complete virtual town hall event.

I am also adding some statements that time limits did not allow to be posted.

Fellow Americans, fellow tax payers and all Peoria voters

We need to take charge of our lives, our government and our country. We cannot let the unions, the elite and the super wealthy run us any longer. After all, our creator endowed us with certain “unalienable” rights. We must take back America. We must start with our schools.

The National Education Association is a very powerful union. It created the Department of education and made it a cabinet position during the Carter White House. Our founders did not want schools to be a part of the federal government. They did however provide bibles for all public schools, so the students would know where our rights came from, and where our constitution came from.

Ben Franklin was once asked by Yale, what Christianity shall we follow? He answered:

God Lives

We will see God when we die

God will judge us when we see him

Serve God

The best way to serve God is to serve man.

It is time for us to listen to our founders and do what they did. They created a new government, to run a new nation. We also must pledge our lives, our liberty, and our sacred honor to re-founding our nation and our government. We must be the beacon on the hill that will not allow a government by the people for the people and of the people to parish from the face of this earth.

I am John Rosado and I am asking for your vote on November 2 2010. Help me to take back our schools to their past greatness and end the dummying down of America. We need to do this one school district at a time. I ask for your Vote November 2.

Thank you

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