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Q) What do you consider the most important action to insure the continuation of Arizona’s sovereign rights granted by the US Constitution?


We have what is called  federalism, or dual federalism, in this country. It was designed by the founders to provide a balance of power between the states and the federal government. When one side pushes too far in control of the other, the other side is is supposed to push back. That is what is happening now, the states are pushing back. Two great examples of pushback are SB1070, and the Firearms Freedom Act. We need to work with other states like Montana (FFA) and Georgia (citizenship issue).


Q) What legislation do you support and oppose regarding firearm possession in the state of Arizona? Briefly explain why you are of this position.


I like this question because the 2nd amendment of the United States Constitution  states “shall not be infringed” and cannot be stated any better. The Arizona Constitution states “The right of the individual citizen to bear arms in defense of himself or the state shall not be impaired”. I have been a member of Arizona Citizens Defense League, which  promotes, through legislation, these two constitutional statements, for five years actively promoting new memberships.


Q) Law enforcement at all levels in Arizona is stretched to its operating limits in efforts to enforce the laws of our state. What do you support and oppose that will affect law enforcement performance in Arizona? Briefly explain why you are of this position.

I do not agree with the premise of this statement. We have a broken federal government that does not want us to do anything about illegal’s crossing our border trying to take the jobs that Americans will do. We need to force the Feds to do their job and enforce federal law.


Q) The education industry has been a major financial burden upon the taxpayers of Arizona. What legislation would effectively remedy this burden? Briefly explain why you are of this position.


School choice. Give the parents to opportunity to choose where their children go to school. Encourage home schooling. Allow the educator to decide where education money is spent, not the administrator.


Q) The price of energy to the consumer is on the rise again. As a state legislator, how would you approach Arizona’s ability to be “energy independent”?


This is difficult for Arizona, because Arizona has very limited energy resources except for the coal in the north east part of the state. We need to fight the EPA and support a non political agenda. We need to encourage new nuclear sources by allowing the power companies to build nuclear generating capacity.


Q) The GREEN energy industry has so far not proven themself as sustainable businesses in the US marketplace. Taxpayer dollars expended in this direction have not seen a return except for a few private investors. As a legislator, what should be Arizona’s involvement in GREEN energy? Briefly explain why you are of this position.


To force one group of people to give money to another group of people in order to enforce a political agenda is morally wrong. As a legislator I will push for the repeal all subsidies for green energy, which includes a repeal of the solar tax being collected by APS.

Q) The Scott Bundgaard incident caused the district to hold two special elections. What legislation and/or rule changes do you feel are necessary in light of the events leading up to his resignation? Briefly explain why you are of this position.


There is no legislation needed to make any changes. The system worked as it should. Scott performed an indiscretion he should not have done. He is paying the price for it. Perhaps a law that states you should not be in the car with a woman half your age? Who will enforce it? How will it be enforced? The current system worked and does not need to be changed.


Q) What will you do to stop UN Agenda 21?


I will work with other legislators to create and pass legislation that will eliminate Agenda 21, from being used anywhere in the state of Arizona.


Q) What changes would you support for transportation issues for the West Valley?


None at this time. I will not support any additional public money, that is your money,  to be spent on any specific group. Redistribution of wealth is wrong and immoral. I will be happy to support groups that wish to create and promote charity. In this case they are giving their own money and that is good.


Q) What would your #1 “pet project” be, if appointed?  (What specific area of State Government hits your hot button?)


Making Arizona a business friendly state. Our tax structure is too high and companies that are leaving California are going directly to Texas and other states. We also need to exempt our state from Obamacare.

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