What is the Tea Party

The Tea Party has been maligned, condemned, hated and discarded by the mainstream media as a bunch a radicals and hate mongers created by Astroturf and lead by Glen Beck. The left is simply projecting its own hatred of life, on to the Tea Party movement.

I created the Peoria South Tea Party Patriots. Every time I start a meeting , and there are new people in it, I state what my view of the tea Party movement is and is not.

The Tea Party is NOT a wing of the Republic party. To the contrary, the tea party is the silent majority, that wants to infiltrate the republican party, and move the republican party back to the roots of the Republican  party in 1855 that freed the slaves.

The Tea Party is NOT a group of people that wish to return to slavery. To the contrary Tea Party is a group of working Americans that believe that slavery is wrong, and are working to stop our representatives (rulers) from taking us into a new form of slavery, the slavery of debt that Obama is intent on taking us and future generations into.

The Tea Party is NOT a group of right wing nuts that believe in the in the over throw of the government.  To the contrary, the Tea Party is a group of Americans that wish to continue America on its path of greatness, as the founders envisioned. A path that has freed the world, a path that has, fed more people,  helped more people in times of trouble, saved more lives, freed more people from the burdens of feudalism and bondage, than any country or empire ever, to occupy the face of this earth.

The Tea Party is NOT a political party. It is a grass roots group of people coming together in a common cause, to return the United States to the constitution, and return America to its rightful place of world leadership, with the help of GOD.

The Tea Party is a grass roots movement, of patriots without a single national leadership, that does believe in limited government. They have a common belief that the good of man believing in God, unites them. The Tea Party does believe in getting the government out of the way so that the people can rebuild this nation.

Yes the Tea Party, like our founders before us do believe in the divine nature of GOD. We do not all pray the same way or use the same words in our prayers, but we all believe in the same GOD of wisdom and love, a GOD that does not subjugate women and children, or anyone else.

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